Monday, June 27, 2011

Pascale's Irises... Think Purple

I wish my camera would see the right color. It drives me crazy. These are a beautiful shade of purple not blue!!!

I think I made a mess of this kit. Which of course means I have to order another one to do them all over again. Though in their defence I will say they look a lot better in person then in these photos.

I was happy enough with them until I added the beard to the irises. I think I would like to try a different material for that. The bright yellow (super fine) flock I used to make 1:44 scale flowers for the walnut houses might work better for me. I just lost control of the yellow sand that came with the kit. Though I am sure Pascale works with it beautifully! Everything she makes is perfect! You may have great success with the sand too.

This vase is a one of a kind. it has a frosted finish. At the top (in the back behind the flowers) the rim of the vase comes to a point. Would you say it was art nouveau? Frank Whittemore made it for me long ago. The first time I saw it I thought it needs irises in it.

A big thank you to Marie-Laure for translating the directions from French into English!!!