Monday, July 19, 2010

1: 12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Lamb Toy

I have been working on a few toys this weekend. This is the only one I managed to finish. I am trying to decided if I want to bother making it into a pull toy.

For the coat...I thought I would try to stitch thick patches of French knots on Solvy (which dissolves in water). After the knots were stitched, I rinsed way the Solvy and applied the French knot patches to my lamb sculpt. OMG! Talk about trying your patience to a new level. Once the Solvy is gone there is nothing holding your stitches together. I can't tell you how many times I thought about pitching this lamb in the bin! The whole time I was working on it I kept telling myself... Throw this out it looks awful but being free for the first time in days, I just wanted to play.

Her face and part of her legs are flocked. I only had 2 mm silk ribbon in white. So I brewed up some raspberries and a batch of blue berries and dyed the ribbon in that.