Sunday, February 26, 2017

I think it works with the sofa

 Several years ago I made a dark blue wing chair with a William Morris print on it. The fabric came from a 100% silk men's tie made by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The quality of the silk and the printing the Met does is fantastic! Plus, I thought the scale was just right.

Other than the solid gold silk sofa I made, I never thought I would find another complimentary print to go with the dark blue chair. The fabric shops in my city are a total disaster!!!

Recently, I found another silk tie on eBay that I thought would work. No wonder, when it arrived I realized it was the same print in a different color. I thought it might be OK if I placed the print a bit differently on the chair. I did that except it seems for the seat back. (which I noticed after it was too late!) 

I think they will work in the same room using a solid gold silk sofa I made. I think the William Morris Brer Rabbit cushion I stitched works great on it too.

Click on the one below for a better view.