Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Copper Teapot and Glass Repair

I had a little time this week so I made another copper teapot. This one has a African blackwood handle and knob. I drilled the knob so I could put a brass pin (rivet) through it to insure it so it wouldn't come off once glued. The wood handle also has a pin the runs all the way through it.

The glass canisters I bought a long time ago at a show in Chicago. They were very crudely cut, meaning they had awful raw edges. So this morning I decided to stone off those jagged edges off the canisters and their lids. Now they look much better! I filled them with flour, sugar, tea and pasta. I must find a substitute for the real thing. I don't need weevils hatching and creeping around. LOL

Please CLICK on photos for a much closer look.