Saturday, May 7, 2011

It's A Mystery! Happy Mothers Day

It appears someone is planning a special Mothers Day treat for Mum.

I have just cast eight place settings of the Chrysnbon flatware kits in fine silver .999 as apposed to sterling silver .925 Hopefully I won't be polishing these very often because the silver content is so high. I thought the silver would look much nicer with all the blue Stoksay Ware I have collected.

Every year on Mothers Day since I have had Kilmouski, a gift has arrived in the mail. Today these gorgeous hand made soaps scented with English roses. There is always a card signed Happy Mothers Day...Kilmouski.

I have no idea who's credit card he is using but it isn't mine!!! It is a real mystery!!! Thank you Kilmouski!

Happy Mothers Day Everyone!