Saturday, April 2, 2011

French Flower Buckets

With all the things out there you can buy in miniature there was one thing missing, at least I couldn't find one. French flower buckets.

I tried one this morning using a sheet of tin. I am not happy with it though for a variety of reasons. First... I knew to make them look right I needed to have a die made to form them onto, using a hydraulic press. Reason being, this would allow the two band lines below the lip of the bucket to be pressed into the sheet. I tried instead just to solder on two rings to "look like" that. It wasn't a success. :-( Secondly... I have to find a tool for my flex-shaft that will give the surface of the metal the right look that galvanized buckets have. Sadly... the patina I want for the outside is in the inside where I didn't have to clean up anything.

I am determined... I will get there!!!