Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Linda Master's Chip Carved Tray

I wish it was a bright sunny day so these photos were better. We got a few inches of snow last night and today the sky is overcast and gloomy.

I had no idea Linda had planned to give me one of her gorgeous trays for Christmas. Before she ever got the chance, I ordered one from her web site. I knew the minute I saw it I had to have one. I have seen my share of carved wood in miniature but never anything like this. Karin Corbin... I agree with you. This belongs in a museum.
When I opened the package I was totally blown away by how fine and detailed the carving is. The tray is made of pear wood.  Each square that creates the borders design has 36 separate cuts. One mistake and it is all over. Plus, those cuts have to be made at an angle. The tray is just 54 mm long or 2 1/8 inches. OMG! Thank you Linda! I love, love, LOVE it!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone

I started working on these houses at the beginning of November. PHEW! They are Christmas gifts for friends who don't collect miniatures. What was I thinking? They are going to end up on a Christmas trees, clanging around in boxes with other ornaments after the holidays. Oh well... I am ready to clear off my home work space and start a new project. I had fun figuring out how to make the garlands for these houses. I used a heavy dark green thread and covered about three inches of it with Aleene's tacky glue. Then I laid the thread in a pile of super fine Flower Soft making sure all areas were covered. The glittered snow covered tree was decorated with Martha Stewart's no hole beads and tiny holographic stars. Those stars came from Sally's beauty supply and are normally used for finger nails. They are about 1 !/2 mm. I have used them in most of my nutshell houses but they can only be seen if you peek in a window. I bought gold ones but when they catch the light they blink in a rainbow of colors.
I did some tests for the snow. I didn't like the way it looked when I first painted the acorn caps white and applied the glitter (by Martha Stewart) . So I made a paste using the glitter and Aleene's " Easy Flow" glue. I tapped it on the places I wanted it, smoothing the paste with a small dampened artists brush. Once covered I shook on dry glitter. That gave the effect I wanted for the snow covered areas.
Merry Christmas Everyone! I am looking forward to seeing what Santa puts in your stocking. Fingers crossed for that certain miniature you have had on your wish list. Catherine, Kilmouski, Groupie and puffy.