Thursday, September 23, 2010


I found this image on someone's blog recently and saved it (no not a miniature blog). Now I can't remember where I found it, so if you remember please remind me.

I liked it so much I decided to try some fabric printing. I had to buy new ink for my printer to do it because mine had all dried up. The only things I ever print are in black and white.

I thought I would try to make a bed with an upholstered headboard. I only had time to make the panels today. I have no idea if I will use the bed when it's finished. This image might end up on a wall behind the bathtub before it's over or in the bin. It was just something I wanted to play with. Sadly once again my camera has gotten the colors wrong. The trees are all in a nice faded green and the sky is a blue-gray.

It looks like a nice place to go to sleep. Sorry for the VERY ugly back ground paper I photographed it on. YUCK!