Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's New

Recently Linda sent me several beautiful pieces of Stokesay Ware to add to my collection. It was a thank you gift for something I made for her. I was thrilled! I love their new "Chelsea Plates". They blend so nicely with my mismatched blue & white collection. She also sent me the blue willow tureen and the little leaf dish. Thank you so much Linda!!!

I bought the Guinness stone bottle by Terry Curran from Peeps by Post. Elaine wrote and said she was moving house and she had just found a brand new Jane Newman dresser she forgot she had. Right before Jane retired she came to visit her for tea and brought a few of her last pieces. How lucky because it is a bigger hutch and I obviously am out growing the one I have. It is unfinished so I can choose what sort of stain or paint I want on it. I will be very glad to have all the cup hooks it has too.

Stokesay Ware Leaf plate and Teresa Martinez's canned string beans, tomatoes and olives.