Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Button's Has A New Brother

I have been working on another little Westie. I am not sure he is finished yet, I will have to take a few more photos before I decide. He hasn't got a name yet, I am not sure I will keep him.

More Stokesay Ware arrived today and I am once again thrilled with it. It is playing a part in the design for the kitchen.

I bought the plate of cheese, crackers and salami from Tiny Towne Hawaii. She had it on her web site on sale and I couldn't resist the price.

The box of Cornish Shortbread Cookies by Carol Cook I got on ETSY.

I have struggled with trying to resolve so many house design issues. I have come to the conclusion that I want a four sided house that opens from the front. I don't want to have to turn it around to see the inside. Plus I think an open one might be a bit too much for Kilmouski to resist. Then there are all the problems with dust, so it seems like the best choice for me. Every time I think I have things worked out something else occurs to me. Hopefully by next month all these problems will be worked out and I will be able to start building.

I have thirty days of Federal Jury Duty to serve. That is why I have not been posting. It will hopefully be over by the end of this month. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Catherine XXX