Sunday, September 8, 2013

1: 12 scale Fine Light Fixtures

I have noticed many people seem to have collections within their collections. Some people love beautiful sterling silver, some fine china and so on. I used to collect Barbara J. Raheb's miniature books (Penny Weight Press). I also collected quite a bit of Frank Whittemore's glass. We made several special order things together, like the glass pitchers with the sterling silver tops you have seen here in my blog.

But what I really have a weakness for is fine miniature light fixtures. They are like jewelry to me. This is a new (solid brass) lamp by Scott Hughes (with a hand blown melon shaped glass shade by Frank Whittemore). There is a black bottom on this student lamp Scott turned in teflon. I still have another fixture coming from him. I hope over time there will be many more..

I have several other colored glass shades that will fit this lamp if I need to change it.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

1: 144 Scale Cottage 'The Whispers'

 I am finally finished.... I bet you're glad too. I am VERY happy to get on with a new project!

Braxton Payne made the terracotta flower pots next to the front door. They even have a hole in the bottom of the pot. I am not happy with those flowers. They are not glued in so at some point I will re-do them.

Too bad the color of the 'lavender' garden on the right isn't true. It is the perfect color in RL.

Linda Master made me the beautiful cherry wood frame molding that surrounds the garden. THANK YOU Linda!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1: 144 Scale Interior

Here are some new pictures of the (nearly) finished interior of The Whispers. 
I was making the last chair for the blue bedroom when it shot out of my tweezers and flew across the room. It must have been intercepted by invisible aliens because I have never found it. I looked for it for over an hour. Do gremlins steal things from your work space? Sometimes things disappear when I haven't even moved!!

I thought I should take a picture before I added the ceiling. I knew it would be very hard to see inside the room once I added it. The beads for the 'oil lamp' are only 2 mm. They are too big but it was all I had.

I cut up one of the 1: 12 scale doilies I had to make curtains, a dust ruffle, valances and 'crocheted blankets for the bedrooms.

The candle sconces where made by cutting elements of a N scale brass weathervane and a antique French brass bead. The candles are 24 gauge wire painted white with a 30 gauge wire for a wick. The over head ceiling light fixtures were made using a tiny brass bead end cap and a half round opal. When light catches the opals it looks like they are turned on. haha

Now onto the small garden around the house.