Friday, April 15, 2011

New Lamp Bases

I never liked the bases for these lamps I made. I was having a look around in Etsy and found a solid brass tiered finding that said it was 7 mm on the interior of the square! WOW perfect, just the right measurement and a perfect look for this lamps new base.

They came in the mail today. the interior of the tired square was 12 mm in the inside Grrrrr How off can you get with a ruler...scary!

Uh-Oh! I had to destroy the old lamp bases to get them off. Which I did, in anticipation of the new ones arriving. Hrmmm.... now what? I guess I'll cross my fingers and operate!

I had a old plastic miter box I bought long ago when I first became interested in miniatures. I measured 7 mm and marked the finding then cut the corner off with a jewelers saw. I did that to all four of the &^%$ things. Then just soldered them all together. There ;-) ...Now they're 7mm on the inside. all I have to do is clean them up and glue them on.

Lots of things are almost finished on my work bench. I have been busy working on several things I hope to share in a day or two.