Monday, March 29, 2010

Mail Today

I have been wanting a few books from Treefeathers. They came in the mail today. I am delighted with them. Among others, I ordered the Jane Austen set. Which are personal favorites in real life.

Also my order from Gerd Felka arrived. Four wine glasses that are exactly like my real life ones. Which go nicely with a decanter Frank Whittemore made and the wine bottles I bought from Hanneke that arrived last week.

The painting also came which is going to fit right into a theme I have in my mind about the person that lives in the dollhouse. I have to get started making a miniature pair of English riding boots. The leather for those came last week. I bought that on Etsy.

The Zinnias I made last month from kits.

Why is it when these things come in the mail do they always feel like gifts? I know I am going to get the bill for them. Yes...It is worth every penny!

CORRECTION posted... 05/30/10
I am delighted to be able to tell you that the sterling silver water pot was made by Obadiah Fisher. I have confirmed this.

Gift For Mary

I have an online friend that is making a 1" scale Brambly Hedge mouse house. Today I decided to make her a few things for it out of paper. There are some great prints in the Scrapbook section of crafts shops. Some of them come in card stock weight. The two coats of acrylic paint to the side that wasn't printed and the additional ten coats of clear nail polish made them quite sturdy. I however am still swooning from the nail polish fumes.