Monday, March 8, 2010

Sterling Silver Birdcage

This is a sterling silver miniature birdcage I made when I was in my first year of art school, learning to become a metalsmith. I don't even want to think about how long ago that was now. I really learned to silver solder when I made this cage. It is built it out of 22 gauge round wire and 1/32 inch square stock and sheet silver. As you see it has a drawer that can be pulled out to clean it.

I drilled holes into the 1/32 inch stock using my Unimat (set up as a drill press) to thread the 22 gauge wire through. Every joint is silver soldered together (with a torch). The perches were turned out of ebony on my Unimat set up as a lathe.

It is not my finest work obviously but it holds so many memories for me which are more important than the piece itself. I think after all these years it might be time for a new news paper to cover the bottom.