Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tool-Fest & Watering Can Up Date

I hope it still works after I get the sprinkler head on it. I am waiting for some perforated brass for the nozzle head.

I was starting to find it really annoying that I couldn't work on small metal projects at home. The new work bench I bought last fall looked lonely and much too tidy. :-)

I called Rio Grande and ordered some things. It may not look like much but that isn't what the bill says. A new TX series Foredom flex shaft, It has a much stronger motor that will allow me to carve hardwoods. Then a new dapping block by a British maker, Durston. Oh my, to me it is a thing of great beauty! I love how the punches all neatly fit in the carrying case with the block. There is a high polish in the steels dapped spaces. I also got... two bezel mandrels (for forming) and a bunch of bits and pieces for the flex shaft. Now I have to get a torch. I can buy that here in town. Then... Maybe I will offer a few copper pieces to sell occasionally. Teapots and such.