Friday, March 8, 2013

Linda's Legs

I was so thrilled when Linda sent me these gorgeous cabriole chair legs she made for my wing chairs. Somehow she cut them out of one piece of cherry wood. There are no joints in the legs. ???
So...I had to order some of Susan Bembridge's Fabric to do them justice. I got my favorite for a English cottage, Cream Fleurette. I can't begin to tell you how lovely her fabrics are. The cotton is so soft and easy to work with.
For this chair I had planned to make fabric covered piping. No matter how many times I tried (on some practice material) I just thought the finished result looked to big. I want the piping to be a subtle addition to the chairs.

OK back to the nasty stuff, polymer clay. I am working on my next eBay auction. It is wonderful to have a little extra mad money to spend on miniatures.