Sunday, September 8, 2013

1: 12 scale Fine Light Fixtures

I have noticed many people seem to have collections within their collections. Some people love beautiful sterling silver, some fine china and so on. I used to collect Barbara J. Raheb's miniature books (Penny Weight Press). I also collected quite a bit of Frank Whittemore's glass. We made several special order things together, like the glass pitchers with the sterling silver tops you have seen here in my blog.

But what I really have a weakness for is fine miniature light fixtures. They are like jewelry to me. This is a new (solid brass) lamp by Scott Hughes (with a hand blown melon shaped glass shade by Frank Whittemore). There is a black bottom on this student lamp Scott turned in teflon. I still have another fixture coming from him. I hope over time there will be many more..

I have several other colored glass shades that will fit this lamp if I need to change it.