Thursday, December 14, 2017

Winter Carpet Picnic

Last Spring when I was at the Tom Bishop Show in Chicago I met Lidi Stroud for the first time at her table. It was a real treat to see so many of her gorgeous baskets in person.  I was going to buy one of my favorites but instead we started talking about a trade. Lidi told me she liked my walnut shell cottages. Over the next few months a trade was never discussed again.

In November I emailed Lidi to let her know I had sent her a parcel. She wrote back and said... "Now isn't that strange, I sent you one yesterday." Strange indeed!!! I was sure she had forgotten all about our discussion.

I was thrilled to bits when her French picnic basket arrived! It has been a favorite since the first time I saw it on her blog. You can't really appreciate how fine her work is until you hold it in your hand.

Thanks again Lidi! I love it! XXX