Sunday, April 4, 2010

Who's Kilmouski?

Kilmouski is my Siberian aristo-cat. No matter how many hours I work, he sits in his chair right next to me. If for some reason it isn't there, he meows and paws me until I go and get it. His "chair" is a kitchen stool with a huge wood tray bungee corded onto it.

When I named him I made up a story about the Kilmouski Family having been the official mousers to the czars of Russia. For that he had to have a coat of arms! From that coat of arms I took the center design (the shield) and made him a sterling silver and gold tag for his collar. The 18K gold star on the tag represents the cattery I bought him from (Starberian). The Kilmouski family motto is engraved along the side of the tag in Russian/Cyrillic script. It translates... Death To All Mice. On the back of the tag I engraved all of his information plus phone number.

I never get to do anything without his strict supervision. Including using the porcelain facilities!

Happy Birthday Kilmouski!!! AKA "Killy" <---- Has never even seen a mouse.