Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Inspiration photo & Lamp by Scott Hughes

For some reason I have saved this magazine for years. I loved all the other rooms in this house as well. It is my inspiration photo for the bedroom I am planning in my dollhouse. I like all the plates and other things resting on the wood timber behind the bed. It adds a cozy feeling to the room. I also love the dried herbs/flowers hanging on the wall in the dormer.

The second photo shows the other lamp I bought from Scott Hughes. Which I plan to have on the night stand in the bedroom. The beautiful round box was made by Bill Helmer out of wooly mammoth ivory (an ETSY buy this week). The pink bud vase is by Francis Whittemore.

I bought lots of fabrics and French lace for the bedroom too, they look perfect with this wall paper. I may only be able to have paper on an interior wall because of the wood timbers.

I want antique framed embroidery over the bed. Maybe some framed antique lace. I will have to find photos I like and print them on fabric with my computer.