Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's New

Recently Linda sent me several beautiful pieces of Stokesay Ware to add to my collection. It was a thank you gift for something I made for her. I was thrilled! I love their new "Chelsea Plates". They blend so nicely with my mismatched blue & white collection. She also sent me the blue willow tureen and the little leaf dish. Thank you so much Linda!!!

I bought the Guinness stone bottle by Terry Curran from Peeps by Post. Elaine wrote and said she was moving house and she had just found a brand new Jane Newman dresser she forgot she had. Right before Jane retired she came to visit her for tea and brought a few of her last pieces. How lucky because it is a bigger hutch and I obviously am out growing the one I have. It is unfinished so I can choose what sort of stain or paint I want on it. I will be very glad to have all the cup hooks it has too.

Stokesay Ware Leaf plate and Teresa Martinez's canned string beans, tomatoes and olives. 


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beautiful Petit Point Carpet ...Finally I HOPE!

I am afraid I had to cut the photo in half to try to get blogger to publish the quality. I keep getting an error message. Grrrrr Blogger is being a real pain today!!!

You are going to have to click on this photo to see the amazing detail of this petite point miniature rug. It is well worth a closer look.

This is a insanely gorgeous petit point carpet was designed and stitched by Catherine Soubzmaigne on #40 count silk gauze. The rug is 8 1/4 inches by 11 inches. It has been stitched with beautiful variegated cotton threads.

I have looked for a very long time for a carpet I wanted to stitch. When I saw this one I knew it was the one! The detail is so amazing when I first saw the photo blown up (full screen on my computer) I thought...No way this is a miniature. I was in total awe. I immediately ordered the chart from Catherine. In less then 24 hours after the first time I saw it, it was in the mail to me. I am thrilled.

It is going to be a real labor of love.

Monday, June 9, 2014

eBay Auction Wild Rabbit

I have listed a OOAKwild rabbit on eBay. The auction ends next Sunday.
He will make a great addition to an outdoor scene or garden.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

New IGMA Forum....Everyone is Welcome!

The International Guild of Miniature Artisans has created a new exciting forum. I have stolen Elga's words below from the announcement she made on her blog Forgive me Elga, I have a bit of chaos going on here this morning. Catherine XXX
The forum was officially launched last night at the opening ceremony at Guild School in Castine. The web site went live about two months ago but was kept a secret with the exception of a few people who were asked to join and start posting so that there would be some content by launch date.
You don't have to be a Guild member to join the forum, please read through the forum's guide lines before you start posting. I hope many of my friends here will join, this is going to be a great online place to share and inspire each other to build great miniatures! 

Please share this on your blogs and other social media so that we can spread the word among as many miniaturists world wide as possible.