Friday, November 29, 2013

Nutshell Cottage In Progress

Three days later... This is all that I have. Waiting for oil paint to dry is a PITA ;-)  when you need two or three coats.

The shell is so thin on the edges where the two halves meet I really thought it would break while I was sawing it out.

Hrmmm.... I see Kilmouski has added a fly away cat hair that has landed over the front door. Grrrrrrr They are as fine a spider silk. I may have to shave him or give him a bath in GLUE!

There is a lot more to do. I love it when it is time to decorate. That is fun....but several days away at this point.

I could never get one of these together without the help of Bostic Blu-Tack. It holds things in place for me while I am fitting things.

Now I can start the back side.