Saturday, December 4, 2010

Making A Crystal Chandelier

I have been finding the most wonderful supplies. I think making those lamps started somthing.

I have always wanted to make a crystal chandelier but I wanted a certain look. I have found what I had in mind. First these 3/8" cupped glass doll buttons. They look perfect for holding the candle shaft and bulb which will hide the drilled holes from the top but allow wires to go through them. Also these will work for crystal candle sticks. I would share the link but I bought them all in ETSY.
These are 2mm round Swarovski beads which will be perfect for swags on the chandelier. I had no idea Swarovski made them so tiny.

Best of all... These tiny top drilled teardrops. This means they are not drilled straight through the side of the bead at the narrow point. The hole is drilled straight in through the top and stops about 2.5mm into the crystal. Ooooh that is fantastic!!! They are 6x4mm a perfect size teardrop!