Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Antique Copper & Brass Findings

I have been so busy with RL I haven't had much time for miniatures. Though I have finished several galvanized French Flower buckets.

I have found so many wonderful brass and copper findings lately. I have a lot of ideas about how I would like to use them. Any ideas you might have would be welcome. I think we all have had lots of uses for findings.

The copper pheasants and chicks are just 38 X 30mm. They detail is just incredible. Which will be greatly enhanced/defined once they have been oxidized and buffed. I can think of many ways to use this piece. The simplest of which would just be framing it.. The copper is pretty heavy, unlike other stampings I have seen. Which makes forming it a bit risky because hammering on it might damage the higher raised areas. I still may sweat solder it to a piece of brass and try forming it into cane/umbrella stand. That would be great next to a front door of a country house. 

The brass dragons drinking out of the fountain are 110mm long. Wonderful I thought for a pediment of a house. They would have to be painted to look like they were carved stone or plaster. They could be used over a double door too. 

I wish I had been able to get two of these copper pieces so I could have soldered them together. It would have required cutting off and replacing the bottom.  It will still make a nice wall planter. Perhaps in a green patina.