Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another 'Master' Piece!!!

Look who just waddled his way to my house. I am just so thrilled with this gorgeous pintail duck decoy! He looks like he might let out a quack and wiggle his tail any minute. I just adore him!

This is just how I want to use him, as a decorative 'antique decoy'. Either on a table or on a mantel piece.

I have said it before... Linda Master's talent is simply astonishing. It is evident in everything she does. She can carve, draw or paint anything you can dream of and in smaller scales too.

Linda is about to start some very exciting antique European accessory pieces in 1: 12 scale. I can't wait because they are things I have never seen in miniature before. No, I am not going to tell you what is coming. I'll let that be her surprise.

Thank you so much Linda!!!!!

New sterling silver tray and goblet recently made by me. ;-)