Thursday, November 17, 2011

Transformer Coming For The LED Lights

The string of 26 warm white LEDs I ordered from Evan Designs has arrived. http:/// I know I am going to love these because the wires and chips can be well hidden in the branches of the Christmas tree. The only time they will really be visible is when they are turned on. I was also very happy with the strength of the emitting light. Considering they are all going to be on a small tree.

Before I ordered I phoned and spoke to Dave. I wanted to ask him about a transformer for them. GOOD NEWS!!! He told me that he had that issue sorted out with a 3 volt transformer and would have them in stock in a couple of weeks!!!! He said he would email me when he got them in and that this transformer would not get warm where it is plugged into the wall. This is great because I don't want to be using up so many batteries to have the lights on every day for a couple of weeks for Christmas.

I am very glad I chose these. Plus I can think of several other ways to use these chip lights. You can also get a string of 12 LEDs from him.