Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tom Bishop Show Chicago, IL 2017

I spent last weekend at the Tom Bishop Show in Chicago. It was great fun to see and meet so many Blogger friends and artisans.

Linda Master had a table at the show selling her beautiful work. She kindly allowed me to sell a few things I had made at her table. It is the first time I came home from a show with more money then I took with me. Thank you Linda!!!

One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting Catherine Buron and her wonderful husband. I do not speak French and Catherine speaks very little English, Her husband very kindly translated everything for us.  I also met a few other French ladies who are friends of Catherine's and very fine miniature artisans. Dominique Autin and Christine Voirin. Christine makes the most exquisite porcelain I have ever seen. Sadly, she had very little left after doing a different show and I missed getting to buy more from her. I meant to get everything she had left.

Meeting Lidi Stroud and her husband (Peter) was also a treat for me. I have always adored Lidi's baskets. It is funny how you make a connection with people long before you ever meet them in person. How that happens through a computer acquaintance is a mystery but I absolutely know it does. I have always felt Lidi was a friend. 
OK down to business...

WARNING...I didn't buy much at all! I was looking for a few things I didn't find, like a French country armoire and a chest of drawers. I did arrange a few commissions. One with Chris Malcomson that I am very excited about!

I couldn't resist this Westinghouse  circa 1906 fan. It has a cord with a plug on it but this one doesn't work. Though he did have some that do! Perhaps you can read Westinghouse in the center of the fan.

I was totally blown away by this "plique a jour" Butterfly hair comb. The colors of the 'glass' are very strong, there are three different colors in those wings. You can see right through it when you hold it up to the light. I also was amazed by this watch with a leather band. Both of them are so tiny and perfect. 

A fun whimsical teapot by Christine Voirin. The lid which is the table top and shelf does come off. I will add this at some point to the kitchen hutch with all the Stokesay Ware.

I bought some paper thin/soft leather & few small tools. And a light fixture by Scott Hughes That I will photograph another time.

Rushing to get ready for a house guest today.