Monday, August 19, 2013

Progress On 'The Whispers'

 August 22. 2013

I finished the living room today and glued in the ceiling.I would like to add some flowers to the coffee table but I have to find the right sort of  'vase' first.

I am still working on "The Whispers'. It has been slow going because I am waiting for materials to arrive. I can't start the second floor until I have finished the living room.

I wish my camera photographed colors accurately. The curtains are not as orange as they appear, but rather a subtle peach color and soft green. Actually it was the only paper I had I that could use. My printer will not print anything fine and the ink isn't water proof. Grrrrr

I made the rugs with my Crazy Cords machine by twisting two threads and winding it into a rug on top of double stick tape. Then I painted on tacky glue (on the back side). Once that dried I was able to peel the rug off the tape.

The brass fender for the fireplace was made by cutting a strip out of the N scale brass fence I had for the Georgian Townhouse. I also used that for the brass basket.

I made both lamps out of beads and some altered brass jewelry findings I cut apart for lamp shades.
I have several more things for I want to make to put on my tables. Candlesticks for the mantle would be fun.

Then I can start working on the second floor bedrooms.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Welcome to 'The Whispers'

For three hundred years the people who have lived at the Whispers have reported they heard and felt someone whispering in their ear. Though no one has ever reported they have seen a thing! Just that they heard a woman's voice.

It usually happens at night when people are asleep. They wake to hearing a soft spoken message. "Is the baby alright"? That was heard by a guest who had come to visit with her two year old boy recently. The child had gotten up from his bed and was stabbing the banked coals in the fireplace with an iron poker. As he had seen his mother do before they went to bed.

Sometimes while I am working, I amuse myself with stories. Do you make up stories about the people that live in your dollhouse? Do you know what those people like to collect, what their interests/passions are or what they do for a living? Do you know where or what country they live in, the name of the town or village or street? Feel free to tell a little of your dollhouse story here. After all, isn't this all about having fun.

Still in progress..... A 1: 144 Scale half timbered cottage.
The roof is not glued in place yet. I can't add any weathering to it until it is attached.
I am working on the rooms and furniture now. I am wondering if I will want to do any landscaping in a small area around the house. Maybe add a over the door small roof.