Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day! Charmed I'm Sure.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Just a quick post to show you I finished my assemblage necklace. Below is a list of the things I put on it.

The Top Row....has a little gold lock I have had all my life. French enamel pansies. A 1920's brass hobnail boot, a vintage piece of petit point, my Barbie clock, a natural crystal in the shape of a cross from Kentucky, a brass owl. The Second Row... has a sterling silver teapot (that opens), a French Souvenir locket with photos of Paris, a frog prince, a French hotel number brass key fob, a sterling silver doll purse (that opens), a brass hour glass, French brass dolls frame, a enamel butterfly attached to a brass whistle, a French porcelain house number, collection of Victorian wescot buttons, A French dance card with Joan of Arc & a tiny pencil, a school student honor metal. At The Bottom... attached to the doll frame... is a 120 year old French guilloche enamel 1.5 inch ladies compact.

It sure is turned out to be a conversation piece, the few times I have worn it people stop me to ask about it.