Friday, February 8, 2013

Old, Battered William Morris Trunk

I haven't put together many miniature kits. The ones I have done usually have directions that I toss in the bin as soon as I read them through. I can't remember ever following anything they said to do verbatim, if at all.

This time was no exception. I glued on all the "Lithograph paper" my way. The directions were ridiculously laborious. For some stupid reason I followed their recommendation to use Zap-A-Gap to glue the brass pieces on the trunk. OMG! That sort of glue has to have exposure to air to dry. Which is almost impossible under metal. I fought the slippery brass hardware to stay in place until I was ready to scream.

The whole time I was doing it I kept thinking.... Go get the BARGE rubber cement. About the time I was going to glue on the last three pieces I went and found the BARGE. It worked perfectly... NO mess, NO waiting, NO slipping around. Lesson learned.