Thursday, November 24, 2016

Second Life For Vintage Petit Point

I bought these three pieces of Schildkraut petit point on eBay for next to nothing!. There is a #1. compact (stitching on both sides), #2. mirror with folding lipstick holder and #3. perfume bottle. I knew I was going to be re-purpose them someday.
 The only piece I have taken apart is the one in the middle. I wanted to use it for a small area rug/carpet. Thinking it would be great in a bathroom or in front of a sink in the kitchen. I love the colors in all of these pieces. That was improved by washing them all. I learned in embroidery classes to use Original Dawn dishwashing liquid. It is mild and leaves no chemicals behind. Even Kilmouski gets washed in it!
The glue went so close to the stitches on the back I wondered how I was going to deal with it. I finally decided on a bit of iron on interfacing to secure it. I made a black twisted cord for a finished edge.

 The finished carpet, so sweet.