Monday, March 23, 2015

To Hell And Back... A Note From Catherine

Many of you may already know my appendix ruptured in February. It's hard to believe but  I didn't know it for weeks.
I started becoming very, very ill. My lower back hurt and became very swollen on my right side. It had a huge egg shaped swelling in the mix. Even the skin turned very red and angry looking. The skin felt like it had a thousand bee stings.  I couldn't raise my right leg more then an inch off the floor. I thought I had done something to my back working in the house that was causing all the symptoms I was having. So I just kept waiting for it to improve. A week later, things became much worse.
I now know I was septic. The highest priority in a hospital they told me. My blood white count was 21,000. A normal number should be about 10,000 or lower. I had an abscess between two muscles in my gut the size of a large Coke at McDonalds. That was discovered via a CAT scan. After being in the hospital for six days they discovered another abscess in my back. It was smaller but required surgery. I will spare you all the gory details of this ordeal. Just thinking about it myself makes me cringe.
I still have to go back to the hospital have my appendix out in a couple of months. They want everything cleared up before they can do that.
On the bright side..... I am still here. The Doctors have told me if I had stayed home a few more hours, I would be gone now. 
To those of you who knew and sent well wishes, good vibes and prayers, thank you very much!!!
My hands have finally stopped shaking from all the Morphine, general anesthetic and other drugs they pumped in me for eight days. So.... I can get back to finishing my petit point carpet now. :-)
Catherine XXX

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