Sunday, August 27, 2017

1:12 Scale Vintage "Galvanized" Watering Can

I made several watering cans a few years ago and either sold or gave them away. When I went to make myself one a few days ago, I discovered I had lost the plate I engraved to make the raised rings around the body of the can. UGH! Sad, because that plate also had to curved engraved cuts for making French "zinc" flower buckets. This cans watering head has really small holes drilled in concentric circles. In a few days the polished brass will dull down and look just right.

I meant to take lots of in progress pictures but as usual I just got busy and just couldn't stop.

 It is amazing how many tools it takes to make these. Steel surface plate, ring mandrel, Small tapered mandrel (for making the tapered tube), dapping block set, soldering equipment, Flex shaft, hammers, gravers, jewelers saw and on and on it goes. I am sure you know very well how much stuff you have to drag out for a small project.