Sunday, September 6, 2015

Making Chairs for Aunt Olga

Click on photo please. I selected extra large and it doesn't fit here.

It seems almost everyone is taking a blog break. You know who you are. ;-) I miss your posts!

I haven't been much better. Partly because I made so many nutshell cottages this summer and figured you had seen enough of those.

There is a French fabric dealer on eBay I have ordered from several times. I sent her a photo of my petit point carpet and asked her if she had something she thought would be good with one of the faded colors in the carpet. She sent me several swatches. I was thrilled. We have awful fabric shops here. I chose a beautiful antique rose in a silk blend. 

Colors vary so much on computer screens it's  sad because this antique rose is a beautiful compliment to the carpet. Linda Master carved the front legs of my chairs for me. Thank you Linda!!!

The pillows on the chairs are temporary. I am stitching pillows/cushions on #56 silk gauze for them. I think I am going to have to design some patterns. That should be fun. 

Laser cut fabric by Jean Day. I cannot imagine having doilies in my RL home but I do love them in miniature. Things show up so much better on table tops.