Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Scott Hughes Miniature Lighting, Student Lamps

This is the second student lamp that I ordered, just arrived today. It is an absolutely beautiful piece.

There is so much detail you cannot see in the photo.  The shade is etched with a design that allows the light coming through it to be brighter in those etched areas. There is a threaded (working) screw on the side of the lamp, which enables it to be heighten or lowered. This one has a aged brown patina on it. Though some areas have been left with a bright polish.

Eventually this floor lamp will be with different furniture in a living room setting.
Scott made these student lamps in a limited number. They all have different patinas. no two are exactly alike. He has one table lamp with Francis Whittemore glass shade. There are two different styles of table lamps, a chandelier and this floor lamp.

Sadly, Scott will not be at the Tom Bishop Show in Chicago in 2014. He has decided to do a show in Japan next month. If you are interested in one of his new lamps you can contact him at the address below. I am afraid he doesn't have a web site. If you want his phone number let me know in your comment.

Scott Hughes
14500 South Riverside Rd.
Cable, WI. 54821