Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's finally blooming!

I planted a new crape myrtle tree in my front yard two years ago. We have had three years a drought, so this is the first year it has bloomed. We have had so much rain everything in my garden is happy.
In a few short years the tree will grow to be as tall (or taller) then my house. The foliage will get thicker and it will have more blooms. This type of crape myrtle (Sarah's Favorite) flowers several times during the summer but it is also very pretty in the fall when the leaves turn a bright red.
This older one in my back garden is very happy too.

I have always planted impatiens in the west court yard but because I sit out there so much at night I thought I would plant a lot of white garden this year.

Even the 'Knock Out' roses are happy on the back of the wall.

Not much survives our summer heat so this is pretty good for this part of the world. 

It is 97 degrees F today (36 Celsius) and the humidity is killer!!! Those brick walls make the court yard feel like an oven.

The only way in to the west court yard is through this gate.