Monday, January 1, 2018

Starting out 2018 with a big BOOM! ;-(

Wishing you all a Very Happy, Healthy 2018 

My city rarely gets extremely cold but as many of you have heard or are experiencing yourselves, the USA is having some rather unusual temperatures at the moment.

Last night, the coldest for me so far was 8 degrees Fahrenheit or -13 C. It was at about 9:30 PM when I heard it.... a big BOOM and then all the lights and the heat went off. I looked out my up stairs window and the neighborhood was totally dark. A few minutes later I phoned the power company to report an outage. They said via a recording, there were 13 outages, 1,875 homes. I can tell you truthfully it scared me to the core of my being! I have lived in this neighborhood a very long time and the longest I went without power was for three weeks in the summer, after a really bad storm.  That storm destroyed houses and took down trees all over the city. We had a bad ice storm about 15 years ago and I lost power in the winter for a week. Right, no lights, no heat! Last night was really odd because other than being very cold there was nothing extraordinary happening with the weather, no snow no ice.

I got more blankets and went to sleep. I was VERY happy this morning to find the heat was on and the house was warm! I frankly didn't expect it.

So...  if you are in the FROZEN USA I hope you are inside and warm.