Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tiny Buttons

Please forgive a short post about something other than miniatures that I made. This is so I test my blog again to see if things are working properly now. I have had several emails from people that are not able to get to this page and some who cannot get into the comments area. Mostly from people that are using Internet Explorer. Firefox works better at the moment. My next post will be about a miniature piece.

I have been collecting antique metal buttons for a long time. I love them! I have them classed by size and color in glass jars. These are all solid brass ones about 1/4 inch wide. I used some black glass ones for this project as well.

I hate it when old buttons get their shanks cut off for jewelry or other uses. So I decided to crochet gold metallic elastic thread for a band. Then just sewed on the buttons to make a cuff bracelet.