Monday, October 19, 2015

English Cottage Kitchen Cabinets With Soapstone Countertops

Click on photo for a close up of the soapstone

Some time ago I bought a Proxxyn Fet Saw. This is my first project using it. It is far from finished. I still have to make the drawers and add hinges and knobs. I probably won't paint it until I am sure about the kitchen.

The counter tops are cut from soapstone. It is really brittle and cuts like butter on the saw. I still need a piece of stone under the sink which will raise it up to the right height for the counter tops. I also need a piece behind it.

I found lots of pictures of these sorts of cabinets in Pinterest. The photo that I copied these from had the drawers under the cabinet doors. I liked the look but I still have time to change my mind and turn them around so the drawers are on top. I justified the arrangement because my kitchen table has drawers, which I plan to keep all the silverware I made in.

Linda Master was here for several days last week. Thank you Linda for helping me get started.

The photo I copied my cabinets from.