Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lovely Gifts From Catherine. And....

Last summer Catherine from  NINETTE & CO. sent me a parcel that never arrived. I had no idea she had even sent something for months. Worse, in retrospect... That she probably thought I was so rude I didn't bother to acknowledge her gift. I was horrified!

Undiscouraged, Catherine sent another parcel, which happily arrived safely. She made this GORGEOUS straw shopping bag and all the vegetables that are in it. I love how many of them are in paper bags. She also made the crusty baguette. I just adore it. Her work is always beautiful!!!

As if that wasn't enough, she sent me one of her lovely paintings of a vase of roses. Thank you so much Catherine I love it all. XXXXXXX

There is also a new acquisition... A garlic braid by Linda Cummings . I was so amazed by her work. At first I thought the bulbs had been glued on. The 'dried' stems actually come right out of the top of the garlic bulbs which she then braids together. Astonishing!