Monday, April 4, 2011

My English Cottage Interior Inspiration

I have saved hundreds of inspiration photos for the miniature cottage I want to build. I thought I would share a few here.

Please double click on photos for a closer look.

I adore this cottage and it's rooms. I love the quirky (Elm) beams in the ceiling. One side of the hearth is carved with the initials A. W. and 1810. The cottage could be a lot older however. The room is 8 feet 3 inches X 12 feet. The six foot owner can only stand up straight in three places in the room. I love the billowing plaster ceiling daubed into a crazy mattress of twigs and branches.

Spice Cupboards were often built into the wall next to the hearth. The hope was to keep the valuable contents of herbs, spices and possibly tea and sugar dry. I lreally like this one and hope to add one of these to my miniature cottage. I love the butterfly hinges and the initials and date carved into the wood. Also the scratch moulded framing.Another example of a built in wall cabinet.

I LOVE the patterns in the brick in this medieval cottage hearth. What a fun miniature clay project this could be.