Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My SIMP Purchases

For a close up... Double click on the photo.

How lucky am I to have a friend who would shop for me at SIMP! These arrived in today's post.

Marie-Laure emailed me lots and lots of photos from the show in Paris of Elizabeth Causeret's work. Once I saw the photos, I emailed her in return and she bought several things for me. I am still amazed by the technology that allows this.

I just love the ginger jars with the crackle finish on them. I have always had a soft spot for those. I also loved Elizabeth's beautiful bowls. These are not all the pieces Marie-Laure sent. I will post those another time.

Once again.... Thank you so much Marie-Laure. How very kind of you.

BTW... The telephone is solid brass. The part you speak into can be positioned. It is something I have had for many years.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pascale's Irises... Think Purple

I wish my camera would see the right color. It drives me crazy. These are a beautiful shade of purple not blue!!!

I think I made a mess of this kit. Which of course means I have to order another one to do them all over again. Though in their defence I will say they look a lot better in person then in these photos.

I was happy enough with them until I added the beard to the irises. I think I would like to try a different material for that. The bright yellow (super fine) flock I used to make 1:44 scale flowers for the walnut houses might work better for me. I just lost control of the yellow sand that came with the kit. Though I am sure Pascale works with it beautifully! Everything she makes is perfect! You may have great success with the sand too.

This vase is a one of a kind. it has a frosted finish. At the top (in the back behind the flowers) the rim of the vase comes to a point. Would you say it was art nouveau? Frank Whittemore made it for me long ago. The first time I saw it I thought it needs irises in it.

A big thank you to Marie-Laure for translating the directions from French into English!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Garden

It is wall to wall flowers in the garden at the moment.

I love these huge moon flowers that open up at dusk. The vine has grown up and over my brick wall. So pretty sitting out in the courtyard at night. Next year I think I will plant a white garden.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OOPS! I missed posting this on Fathers Day

These are my parents. They did not have me until late in life. Aren't they gorgeous!

I have been working on a couple of very simple fine silver frames
1: 12 scale. Before I finished them I wanted to see if I could successfully take pictures of framed photos. I really didn't want to disturb the framing to reduce them and I don't have a scanner. I may just have to take the photos out of the frame to do it properly.

My Dad is gone now but I think about him every day. He was among many other things a true gentleman. In the old fashion sense of the words meaning. They don't make many of them anymore.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hanna's Bananas & Hanneke

Recently I received an order from Hanna. Her work is just beautiful!!! I am not someone that orders a lot of food items but I know I will be back to order from her again very soon. I was just amazed by the detail.

I think everyone knows Hanneke. Her Bonnie Maman French jams are as wonderful as her wine bottles are. I couldn't make up my mind so I ordered three of them. She has several other things I intend to order now that I have seen these wonderful jams.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finished Watering Can & Hydrangeas

I haven't been doing much work lately. I had to have a bit of surgery on my right hand and I am right handed). It so much better now! :-)

It has been driving me crazy not to be working on something!!! So, I thought I would try and make some flowers. This is a beautiful kit made by Hydrangeas are one of my favorites. I love the light blues and pinks.

The watering can has been finished for several days but I had not put a finish on it. Our humidity has been so high that I wanted to wait for a good day when it was low to do it. I may not see another one until October! The part of the pour spout (head) with the holes in it is brass.

I am pretty pleased with it. In a few days I will start on another one. This one is leaving for it's new home this week.