Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Light Blues

I still have a few more of the darker blue pieces of Stokesay Ware I want to collect. I have a list I am working on. I will almost be sad when I have finished this part of my collection. I get such a thrill when a new piece arrives.

Today two pieces of the light blue china came. They are so beautiful, pictures don't do them justice!!! The pitcher is so fine. Meaning light and thin walled. There is a dish with a hole in it sitting on the top of the slop bucket serving like a funnel. Partially meant to cover the contents from view I assume. ;-)

I find the idea of re-purposing antiquated antiques fun to do in my own home. Since I will have a few modern facilities in my doll house, I am not sure what new use the slop bucket will be put to.