Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Another finished petit point cushion for the bed.

 I have finished another cushion for the bed. They look very happy all together don't you think? ;-)
I have also started a small runner carpet on 40 count silk gauze. Anyone who stitches will understand that despite the fact there are hundreds of colors sometimes you can't find just the right one. Some of the colors I bought were dipped in a dirty water mix I made with transparent inks, in an attempt to tone them down. Then the skeins were rinsed in clear water. Since this dye method it worked so well when I ran out of the thread I was using for fringe on my Aunt Olga carpet, I decided to try it again. I don't think I was aggressive enough though. Which may mean I am going to spray a diluted ink on it when it is finished.  GULP!  What is that expression... No guts no glory.
They also look nice on a gold silk sofa I made.
I am just getting started with the carpet runner. Sadly, I don't like it much so far. Maybe when I start stitching the borders I will change my mind.