Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Somewhere In France

Would someone please tell me( in the comments) what is going on with this post today (March 04, 2013) There has been 2,655 views in the last few hours. Just curious about what is going on here. ENJOY! :-)

What a nice bunch of visitors from FACEBOOK! Thank you all for answering my question (ABOVE) I understand now what has happened to my stats. THANK YOU ALL FOR VISITING today and for kindly explaining what has been going on. 

In all the searches I have done looking at French architecture, I have never found anything like this. It is a little slice of magic. I want to move in and plant lots of pretty beds of flowers and flowering trees. And no, I didn't find it in Pinterest (I have never joined). I bet it will be there before the day is over. ;-D