Monday, April 8, 2013

OOAK 1 1:2 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Cat

 While I still do not like working with polymer clay I do love what you can do with it.

I look at my first animals and I am happy to experiment on them now with the inks I plan to use to make stripes and spots on the new animals I make.
I am pleased with this cat and the feet. I am much more confident with clay then paint, so I decided to sculpt the paw pads. Those paws are about 2.5 mm wide so each pad did take a bit of time. I am not sure a heather sort of Alpaca fiber was the best color choice for this cat. The fur doesn't look as rough in person as it does in these photos. A solid color might look smoother in pictures.
 The eBay auction for the Westie is only a few hours away. PHEW!!!! Ten days is a long wait from my side 
Apologies to Pepper.... I am so sorry, I forgot to take pictures for you of the cat in progress. I get busy and forget everything else I am supposed to do. Like important appointments