Friday, February 22, 2013

OOAK 1: 12 Scale Blue Merle Sheltie Dog

This is my third dog sculpt in 1: 12 scale. The others have all been Westie's. This one is furred with Alpaca fibers. They are incredibly soft and consequently so it the dog. There is no painting on it with dyes or inks everything is fiber. The eyes are made of 2mm onyx beads. His eyes sparkle but sadly not in these photos

I am trying to talk myself into doing more animals but there is a problem. I hate working with polymer clay. I would like to improved my sculpting.  I am starting to see the mistakes I make and there is something in me that makes me want to concur that. It is almost like saying to yourself... NO! You're not going to win!.
I rather like adding all the fur, for me that is the fun part. Even though it took me several days to finish it. 

Here is a picture of a LIVE Blue Merle Sheltie. Their markings vary greatly! Then....mine (again) below it.