Monday, February 4, 2013

Your Fabric Choice

I thought I would show you a special order made for Linda. She sent me a photo of a fabric she loved on a life size wing chair.
I happened to know where I could find something very similar in miniature. So I sent her a link to see it. She really liked it so I made her this chair in 1: 12 scale.
For a limited time I am going to offer to make these chairs with the buyers choice of fabric. There are a few fabrics that are just too difficult to work with. Those are ones that are too thick or stiff. Flimsy fabrics such as silk are fine because I add interfacing to them.

If you are interested you can send me an email. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The price varies due to fabric placement. If it is a print that I have to place very carefully such as the William Morris prints the price will be higher. So you can expect to pay between $325.00 to $375.00 USD. Payments can be paid via PayPal.

I will give you the payment email address when we have worked out a fabric and price.
Linda... I hope you like your chair! Catherine XXX