Monday, April 19, 2010

Tom Bishop Show # 2 Photos

The Tom Bishop Show 2010

I am home from Chicago having seen the most beautiful miniatures. It was great fun, I loved meeting so many talented miniaturists and seeing their work.

I am totally exhausted today. I think I was so excited the night before I left I didn't sleep at all. Saturday sleep again. UGH!!! I am dragging today. Still I want to post a few photos for you. I'm afraid I didn't take that many. Saturday was very crowded and I had a long list of things I was looking for.

Saturday night I met Karin Corbin for dinner. That was fantastic!!! She is just delightful! I know she took lots of photos so I am sure she will post them when she gets home and write a great show report.

Sadly when I went through security at the airport and had to open my carry on bag, I discovered all the things I had bought on Saturday had made a mysterious disappearance. No point in crying over it. It's just stuff but it was very, very unhappy. The good news is that I have everything I bought on Sunday and I will take some photos of those things for you in a couple of days.

Light Fixtures - by Scott Hughes, Scott's Lighting (no web site)
Miniature Furniture - by Ann High
Miniature Plants - Carolyn Mohler Kraft
Gerd Felka - Miniature Glass
James Carrington - Dolls