Friday, June 25, 2010

Stokesay Ware and 14K Gold Flatware

For some unknown reason to me, my camera never gets colors right. The blue in these plates is a bit darker then what you see here.

One of my favorite things in miniature is china. Having looked for a very long time at Stokesay Ware I decided to order a few plates, to use either on the walls or displayed in shelves in the kitchen or a dresser/hutch.

To say they exceeded my expectations doesn't begin to express it. They are indeed perfect in every way. There is some sort of magic for me about them. Maybe it is because they are kiln fired and so thin. This certainly won't be my last order! I am alrealy working on my wish list.

To my blog friends that may think they are too English for their love of French accessories. Look at the Fleur- de- lis design. They are not solid that is a tiny outline of that shape.

This is the Chrysnbon flatware I cast in 14K gold. I think I need to put it back in the tumbler for a couple of days for a good polish now that I look at these photos.

I didn't want a matched set for some reason. I like the fact they are all different but still alike. LOL